Endicott Gardens Bed & Breakfast

Booking & Reservations

We are so happy to book your stay and look forward to making this a memorable and relaxing experience! We are a pet free, smoke free, animal free, 21 and over venue.  We like to offer a high level of service by booking directly so we can ensure that our venue meets your needs and that we can help you plan your stay here on the Coast!  We offer two options to book- booking by phone or by text.  We do not offer booking via email.  


BOOKING BY PHONE:   Call us direct at 541.425.5483 (office hours are from 10:30am to 7pm - if you call before 10:30am we are tied up with guests making them a wonderful breakfast...yum! )  


BOOKING BY TEXT:  TEXT TO BOOK at 303.910.2152 just leave us the following info:

1.  First and last names of all parties 

2.  Dates you want to book

3.  Your email address to send the click and pay invoice to

4.  Please acknowledge that your reservation meets the guidelines:

     -We are a NO pet, NO animal venue (all service animals will need to be booked over the phone)

     -We are a NO smoking of ANY kind, in - on - or around the premises. If you smoke this is not a good fit

     -We are a 21 and over venue - no exceptions


If all that meets your needs, please text to book and we will respond in our office hours of 10:30am to 7pm!



Endicott Gardens Bed & Breakfast Endicott Gardens Bed & Breakfast

Endicott Gardens Gold Beach
95768 Jerry's Flat Road
Gold Beach, OR 97444 541-425-5483 / 303-910-2152

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